[Spread-users] Spread crashing randomly & logging impact on performance

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Mon Oct 30 11:56:33 EST 2006

Matt Garman wrote:
> What we're finding is that our spread deamon is crashing every 10 hours 
> or so.

You should be getting better stability than that.  Are the processes exhausting 
memory or anything?

> At any rate, I have two questions: (1) has anyone seen similar
> stability issues as described above, and (2) besides fixing my logging
> problem, where is a good place to start looking for the cause of this?

Fix the logging problem first so we can see if Spread is seg faulting or if it 
is committing suicide through an Alarm w/ a diagnostic message.

> Also, what are the performance implications of turning up the logging
> options?

It depends upon which options you turn on.  Turning all of them on could have a 
sizable performance impact.  Let's narrow down what is causing the crashes first 
so we can figure out which options to turn on.

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