[Spread-users] Token circulates very frequently

Stanisław Trytek tryteks at pit.edu.pl
Mon Jul 10 07:09:54 EDT 2006

>>  Take a look at monitor output: 80rounds per second.
>  From your monitor output it looks like 80 rounds per *10* seconds or 8  
> rounds per second.

You are right, 80 rounds per 10 seconds.

> By default, in a LAN setup in a quiet configuration the token should  
> circulate once every two seconds and in a WAN once every six seconds, I  
> believe.  Check your Hurry_timeout, which is set in membership.c.

I changed nothing, there are default values.

So 8 per 1 second in quiet configuration is to much, is not it?
Having three deamens and observing all debug I did not notice Token_hurry  
Only sending token between daemons like there were no leader. Simply token  
was not swallowed.
I am going to trace that state but it is not easy.

Stanislaw Trytek

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