[Spread-users] Again: SP_error: (-8) Connection closed by spread

Dietmar Schaefer dietmar at ast.dfs.de
Mon Jan 30 01:07:07 EST 2006

Hi to Everybody !

I am new to this list (and new to spread as well)

I found something about the SP_error (-8) - something that says
just give the receiver time to do it's job.

I try to send 2 messages a second!

I send it from a tiny little programm made of user.c and send it to spuser.

After approx. 3500 Messages ( no matter how long these mesages are) I

SP_error: (-8) Connection closed by spread

I  tried to change message type ; I tried to chage a timeout - nothing 
helps !

What I am doing wrong here ?



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