[Spread-users] Performance on LAN/Windows

Radu Dondera rdondera at cs.purdue.edu
Wed Jan 25 15:23:38 EST 2006



I'm new to Spread and I'm trying to configure it for maximum performance in
a LAN with 6 Windows machines. One of the machines is the server and the
other five are the clients. The generated traffic is small and bursty, e.g.
1Mb is sent by every machine 5 times per second. However, I noticed travel
times of up to 5 seconds for one message (!).


I changed the Hurry_timeout parameter to 50ms, like some people posting on
this list reported doing, and the maximum travel time was 1.2 seconds. What
other parameters need to be tweaked to get maximum performance, i.e. no
delays and reasonable overhead (e.g. < 50Mbps total bandwidth)? What
parameters need to be changed when the traffic is continuous and the clients
can communicate with each other directly?



Thank you,

Radu Dondera


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