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Fellow Spread users,
We have re-branded our Message Dispatcher library - it is now called Object
Transport. We have also added a range of new features and included
fault-tolerant asynchronous persistence to our product! We are more robust,
offer more features and for a limited time will be offering it for a flat,
one time, $500 per license - and that comes with a 30 day money back
ObjectTransport is a cross platform library (Linux, Solaris and Windows),
written in C++, that allows for the rapid development of distributed
applications that rely on either Tibco (www.tibco.com
<http://www.tibco.com/> ) or Spread (www.spread.org <http://www.spread.org/>
) as the underlying Messaging Transport. 
Here are some of its features:
Tell us what to send and we will figure out how
The Object Transport framework relies on an XML file (we call it the
MetaModel) that describes the different message types that you intend to
support and how that maps to the object model that you currently use. You
create your object instance, choose the type of transport you want to use
(certified or non-certified message delivery) and call send on the
transport. No matter how complex your object hierarchy, we figure out how to
send your data down the wire. 
Processing incoming messages is a breeze
First you tell us what subjects you want to listen to and how many threads
to use for dispatch (over XML). Next, you tell us which messages and fields
you are interested in and how they relate to your object model (again all in
XML). Finally, you tell us how you want to be notified of the arrival of a
new message (a number of options exist) and (optionally) what affinity model
to use. Now you simply start listening for incoming messages and the
framework takes care of the rest. You don't have to worry parsing incoming
messages, data type conversions, work distribution, thread affinity and
synchronization or how to handle communication errors - the Object Transport
library takes care of all of this for you. And better yet, when you need to
make a change to the protocol, often all you need to do is to update the XML
MetaModel - no code re-compilation is required.
Data Persistence comes for free
Once you have defined what your MetaModel looks like (the XML that describes
the mapping between your object model and your messaging protocol), all you
need to do is to augment it with tables and columns and you have a system
that can load and save data into an Oracle database with no extra code from
you. In addition, you can choose to persist either synchronously (in
process) or asynchronously (over a fault tolerant application that we
provide - the PersistenceConsumer). In either case you don't have to provide
a single line of SQL - you tell us what you want to do (insert, update or
delete) and we construct the query automatically for you from information we
retrieve from the MetaModel XML and by describing the database. 
Asynchronously database persistence is of paramount importance when latency
must be kept to a minimum. To ensure that your data is never lost, simply
run two or more PersistenceConsumer applications on two machines (local or
remote). If a hardware or power failure brings one down, the other will
continue from where the first left off. You never loose a single message and
all your data is safely stored in your database. 
The PersistenceConsumer application was built to resist network and database
failures and will retry queries until connection is restored. Off course the
retry policy is completely configurable by you.
We are paranoia about your data too!
We care about your data just as much as you do (or maybe even more!). In
addition to providing an application to persist your data asynchronously, we
also include a program to monitor the status of your PersistenceConsumer
applications - we call it ConsumerStatus. ConsumerStatus is a program that
monitors the health of all your PersistenceConsumer applications in your
network to ensure that they are all functioning as expected and warns you
when they are not. The ConsumerStatus application will e-mail a warning
1. Your PersistenceConsumer application looses connection to the database -
and will also notify you when connection is restored.
2. The number of messages pending persistence exceeds a certain threshold
3. The number of messages pending confirmation exceeds a certain threshold
A higher level of abstraction
The Object Transport library is built on top of the MessagingAPI. The
MessagingAPI is a layer that hides the details of the transport from the
user. By using the MessagingAPI, a new transport can be introduced with
virtually no changes to the application's source code (you can switch from
TIBCO to SPREAD for instance with a single line change!). If you are
familiar with TIBCO, you will find the Messaging API to be very simple to
use and intuitive. If you are using SPREAD as the underlying transport, you
will find that the Messaging API includes a number of high level constructs
not available in Spread that will make the development of your next
publish/subscribe application much simpler (constructs such as Message,
Transport, Queue, Listener, etc).
You can use the MessagingAPI layer separately or in conjunction with the
ObjectTransport library.
The Object Transport framework allows you to send and receive data between
Big and Little Endian systems with absolutely no effort - all conversions
are performed automatically for you.
The Object Transport library was built to support mission critical systems
that must be available 24x7. 
Try it now - it is risk free!
There is a lot more that the Object Transport library can offer and I would
like to offer you the opportunity to try it out.
Please visit our web page at:
Here you will be able to download a copy of the Object Transport library and
try it for free. This version allows you to try the Object Transport for 60
minutes at a time. Once that time period expires, you will have to re-start
your program. Off course, the commercial version does not have such a
We also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee - if you are not completely
satisfied, we will give you a full refund - no questions asked.
So download the Object Transport library now and see what it can do for you!
The Object Transport Team
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