[Spread-users] Re: Spread-users Digest, Vol 13, Issue 5

Jeffrey D. Wheelhouse jdw_list at wheelhouse.org
Mon Jan 16 14:12:35 EST 2006

Shane Adams wrote:
> You might take a look at some of the tools that auto-generate scripting
> language extensions around C code.  Swig I think the popular one is
> called.  It has a preprocessor that runs against a definition file
> that represents a C/C++ library.  The output is a python/perl/php
> extensions that just works. 

This is a great idea.  We'll definitely give this a shot, but rather
than tying it to spread directly, we'll give it a go with our own C++
work, rather than trying to port Spread and then recreate the work.  The
idea of having a uniform set of our Spread-based objects in Python, PHP,
and C++ without maintaining three codebases is *very* appealing.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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