[Spread-users] PHP & Spread

Jeffrey D. Wheelhouse jdw_list at wheelhouse.org
Wed Jan 11 21:33:31 EST 2006

Over the holidays I discovered Spread and did some reading and playing
around with it.  It seems like it can do several things that I really
need to do.

Unfortunately, a big chunk of our projects are in PHP.  I checked out
the PHP spread extension listed on spread.org, but ran into some
trouble.  It's very old, missing some functionality, it appears to be
built for a deprecated version of the spread library, and it's got a
couple of fairly serious memory corruption bugs.  In a nutshell, it
smells abandoned.

Has anyone dealt with these issues in the past, and if so, are there
workarounds?  I don't think I'm quite up to snuff on the Zend engine to
be patching this on my own... I thought I had it working, but then I
started finding the content of my spread messages in the middle of
totally unrelated SQL strings.

(If there's a way to search the list archive, I apologize; I didn't find

Thanks for any advice!  Spread certainly seems like a great tool, and it
doesn't seem that I've had these problems using it with C++.  I'm really
hoping we can use it.


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