[Spread-users] problem with spread/mod_log_spread/spreadlogd

John Schultz jschultz at commedia.cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Sep 6 16:07:51 EDT 2005

Well -11 is CONNECTION_CLOSED, which just means the connection between the 
client and daemon has been shut down.  The most common reason for this is 
a flow control problem where msgs are being injected into the system 
faster than readers can read them out.  At some point Spread will kick the 
connection so that it doesn't run out of memory and kill the daemon, thus 
losing all of its connections.

I'm not familiar with mod_log_spread and I don't know if it performs any 
kind of flow control.  If it doesn't and you are logging too fast this 
could cause your clients to be repeatedly disconnected (assuming they 

John Schultz
Spread Concepts
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On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Jeroen wrote:

> Hi Group,
> I am using spread in a lot of different setups but now I have run into a 
> problem.
> we've build a cluster of machines and wanted to grab apache logs using 
> mod_log_spread and push them over spread to a different box and process them 
> there (like we do on a lot of other setups).
> But this time it's just logging around 10% or something like that; rest end 
> in apache's error_log with this error:
> "Spread Daemon returned an error. -11 This Request could not be logged"
> I use spread-3.17.3, mod_log_spread-1.0.4 from cvs, spreadlogd-1.5.0, Apache 
> 2.0.54, all on Gentoo 2005.1(amd64 with emt64-xeons)
> with spuser I see a lot of log messages flying around (it seems to work okay) 
> but spreadlogd isn't writing them to the file; I have played with the 
> buffersize of spreadlogd, but that doesn't seem to have any effect.
> I've googled and the only report about this issue doesn't hold a solution.
> Please let me know if you have seen this before and how you fixed this or 
> where I should take a look.
> Kind regards,
> Jer

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