[Spread-users] problem with spread/mod_log_spread/spreadlogd

Jeroen quagga at muntinternet.nl
Tue Sep 6 11:06:52 EDT 2005

Hi Group,

I am using spread in a lot of different setups but now I have run into a 
we've build a cluster of machines and wanted to grab apache logs using 
mod_log_spread and push them over spread to a different box and process 
them there (like we do on a lot of other setups).
But this time it's just logging around 10% or something like that; rest 
end in apache's error_log with this error:

"Spread Daemon returned an error. -11 This Request could not be logged"

I use spread-3.17.3, mod_log_spread-1.0.4 from cvs, spreadlogd-1.5.0, 
Apache 2.0.54, all on Gentoo 2005.1(amd64 with emt64-xeons)

with spuser I see a lot of log messages flying around (it seems to work 
okay) but spreadlogd isn't writing them to the file; I have played with 
the buffersize of spreadlogd, but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

I've googled and the only report about this issue doesn't hold a solution.
Please let me know if you have seen this before and how you fixed this 
or where I should take a look.

Kind regards,


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