[Spread-users] non default RequiredAuthMethods doesn't work.

spread.org-deveopment at superfrink.net spread.org-deveopment at superfrink.net
Sun Sep 4 20:33:11 EDT 2005


I have run version 3.17.2 on my desktop machine for a while (Slackware 
9.1).  I never changed the RequiredAuthMethods or AllowedAuthMethods lines 
in spread.conf.

Recently I tried to run 3.17.3 on another machine (Slackware 10.0). 
I am trying to get the "IP" auth method working.  If I leave the 
RequiredAuthMethods or AllowedAuthMethods lines commented out I can 
connect with spuser.

As soon as I uncomment either of those two lines I am no longer able to 

   $ spuser
   Spread library version is 3.17.3
   SP_error: (-9) Connection rejected, authentication failed


I have been adding some printfs to the code.  I figured out that empty 
lines in spread.access_ip seem to cause problems so I removed everything 
except the following five lines.  One is the server IP and one is my 
desktop IP.  I put the localhost IP in there to see if it would work.


I also tried with the lines including a "/32" mask but that didn't work. 
It looks like the code assumes "/32" if none is provided.

Right now the auth lines in spread.conf look like:

   RequiredAuthMethods = "IP"
   AllowedAuthMethods = "IP"

The output from the printfs I've added are below.  They include the 
function name, the source code line number (which won't mean much to you) 
and usually the value of a variable.

   CHAD : 'Acm_auth_get_allowed_list' called
   CHAD : 'Acm_auth_get_allowed_list' '291' Num_Auth_Methods: '2'
   CHAD : 'Acm_auth_get_allowed_list' '296' : '0'  enabled '0'  name 'NULL'
   CHAD : 'Acm_auth_get_allowed_list' '296' : '1'  enabled '1'  name 'IP'
   CHAD : 'Acm_auth_get_allowed_list' '308' list: 'IP '
   CHAD : 'Sess_accept_continue' '845' list_len: '3'
   CHAD : 'Sess_accept_continue' '846' allowed_auth_list: 'IP '
   CHAD : 'Sess_recv_client_auth' called
   CHAD : 'Sess_recv_client_auth' '893' auth_name ''
   Sess_recv_client_auth: reading auth string SHORT on mailbox 9

It looks the authentication system is looking for an authentication name 
from the client.  I'm running spuser without any command line 
arguments but I also tried spuser -s 4803 at ip_addr without any luck.

I've tried running spuser from the same machine as spread is running on 
and from my desktop machine.  I also upgraded my desktop version to 

Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere?  I didn't see anything in 
the user guide PDF file I would keep digging but I don't have any time to 
work on it for a couple days so I figured I would just ask and hope 
someone has an answer.


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