[Spread-users] Invalid message in high load group

Marcin Kuthan mkuthan at pit.edu.pl
Thu Sep 1 07:10:14 EDT 2005

Hi Pradyumna

Thank our for your help. I study attached patch, it seems that temporary
resolve my problem. My application trace messages order on high
abstraction level, and losing messages on transport layer is safe for

This problem look like a bug inside spread deamon. Unfortunately I'm not
an advanced C developer, and I can't fix the spread deamon. Is the any
person on groups who could help (maybe spread developers)?

> Hi Marcin, 
> We had a similar problem with spread when we loaded it
> quite a bit. First of all I suggest that you use
> message type "UNRELIABLE_MESS".
> When we did this the frequency of the problem did
> decrease but continued to happen.
> In this case there a workaround has been implemented
> in the file SpreadConnection.java which I have
> attached with this file.
> Note: There exists a high risk of losing messages and
> is *NOT* a very safe workaround.
> Hope this helps,
> Regards
> Prady

Telecommunication Research Institute
Poligonowa 30, 04-051 Warszawa, Poland

Marcin Kuthan
mail:     mkuthan at pit.edu.pl
phone:    +48 (22) 486-53-46

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