[Spread-users] Spread - sp_error (8)

Balog, Julian JBalog at activevoice.com
Wed Nov 9 21:22:47 EST 2005

I'm experiencing some problems with Spread under high load. Before I turn
into looking for possible performance tweaks I wonder if anyone had similar

I wrapped the Spread libraries into .NET components / services (running on
Win32 Intel platform), but the errors are showing up even using the simple
client tools provided with the Spread distribution (compiled for win32).


The testing environment and scenario is the following:


-          Spread.exe runs on Server 1;

-          Spflooder.exe runs on Server 2;

-          Spuser.exe runs on Server 3;

-          Using a high number of messages (> 1000) on the flooder, even for
smaller sizes (ranging between 100 - 10000 bytes), occasionaly the User gets
disconnected with sp_error (8); it seems that the spread-client socket is
disconnected while reading;


Any ideas or hints on this matter are greatly appreciated.



Thank you,


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