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Yuval Lifshitz yuvalif at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 03:14:21 EST 2005


Spread is quite the opposite from p2p, because it casts among group members, but still, it seems like a very good tool for implementing a distributed decision algorithm like you suggest.

Note that if you have local network problems in the monitor, you will have the same problems with spread, and your distributed algorithm will have to deal with it.





I've been tasked with creating a monitor that can check list of URLs,
and send e-mail messages when one is unreachable or contains errors. 
Handling the monitoring part of this task is very straightforward.

However, one issue I've run into is that the machine that monitors the
URLs may see the URL as down due to a local network connectivity
issue, when in fact the URL is accessable to other machines located
elsewhere on the Internet.  What I'd like to do is use Spread (or
something similar) to create a private peer-to-peer network of
monitors that, when one machine sees a URL down, checks with its peers
and sends an e-mail only when all peers see the same URL as being

Do you think that Spread is the correct tool for this?  Being a newbie
to Spread, I'm not sure if it would be capable of doing what I need it

As it stands, the monitoring part of this script is written in Perl,
and I'd like to continue to use it for the messaging part of this

Any help/code samples would be greatly appreciated!



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