[Spread-users] java: reconnect to spread deamon

Michael Zurke mischa at zurke.info
Thu Jul 21 07:56:24 EDT 2005

thanx. but this solution won't help much since i can't just kill all 
other connections by killing the socket (the client is also not running 
on the same box). i guess there is no way of telling the deamon to get 
rid of a particular reference to a spread connection. is there something 
like a timeout where the deamon just cleans up the unused connections?


Yuval Lifshitz wrote:
> If the daemon crashed (does not happen so often) than
> the internal socket will be released, but if something
> happened to the client, and you failed to reconnect
> there is a brute way to do that if your client is on
> the same (Linux like) machine of the daemon:
> rm -f /tmp/4803
> note that this will close connection to all clients on
> that machine.
> --- Michael Zurke <mischa at zurke.info> wrote:
>>now and then my spread connection seems to crash. in
>>this case i want to 
>>recreate a new connection. therefore i try to
>>diconnect() and 
>>reinitialise the connection with the old connection
>>name which causes
>>spread.SpreadException: Connection closed while
>>reading authname.
>>is there a way to tell the deamon to get rid of the
>>old connection so i 
>>can use the old connection name for the new
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