[Spread-users] java: reconnect to spread deamon

Yuval Lifshitz yuvalif at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 00:33:22 EDT 2005

If the daemon crashed (does not happen so often) than
the internal socket will be released, but if something
happened to the client, and you failed to reconnect
there is a brute way to do that if your client is on
the same (Linux like) machine of the daemon:

rm -f /tmp/4803

note that this will close connection to all clients on
that machine.

--- Michael Zurke <mischa at zurke.info> wrote:

> hi,
> now and then my spread connection seems to crash. in
> this case i want to 
> recreate a new connection. therefore i try to
> diconnect() and 
> reinitialise the connection with the old connection
> name which causes
> spread.SpreadException: Connection closed while
> reading authname.
> is there a way to tell the deamon to get rid of the
> old connection so i 
> can use the old connection name for the new
> connection?
> thanx,
> mischa
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