[Spread-users] getting output as spread.access_ip processed

Alan Campbell lists at AlanCampbellLists.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 15:32:18 EST 2005


Having set RequiredAuthMethods = "IP" and AllowedAuthMethods = "IP"
in spread.conf, I wanted to also set spread.conf so I could get 
confirmation that spread.access_ip file was processed without errors. 

Starting from spread-src-3.17.3.tar.gz, I saw in 
auth-ip.c that Alarmp(...) is called with type flag of ACM.  

But there's no documented way of setting DebugFlags in spread.conf to 
output messages of type ACM.

I tried all sorts of DebugFlags settings including
{ ALL}

but no luck.  

I looked at stuff that configuration.c, config_gram.l and 
config_gram.y and my eyes crossed.

Okay, so I recompiled with all calls to Alarmp(...) with flag
ACM flags changed to CONFIGURATION.  Works okay.

But if there's another version of spread, maybe you could add
ACM is valid flag for DebugFlags.

Or have I missed something?Yrs,


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