[Spread-users] Designing a multithreaded app

John David Duncan jdd at efn.org
Mon Dec 12 12:42:57 EST 2005

> I have one thread (and only one, ever) looping in SP_receive for a  
> mailbox.
> I was thinking I could call SP_leave on that mailbox from another  
> thread.  The receiver would then get a self-leave message and be  
> able to clean up.  But this doesn't seem to be happening... the  
> receiver gets the remaining regular messages that the local daemon  
> had stored for it, and then calls SP_receive again and blocks  
> forever, never getting the self-leave.
> Is there just a bug in my code somewhere, or am I maybe expecting  
> the wrong behavior?

... and, to answer my own question, it was a bug in my code.

- JD

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