[Spread-users] Problem with Java client

Jarosław Nozderko jaroslaw.nozderko at polkomtel.com.pl
Mon Aug 22 05:26:51 EDT 2005

Hi Ryan,

> My reason for considering TCP_NODELAY is to avoid holding 
> onto data longer than necessary, hopefully leaving the buffer 
> empty when the socket is closed.  Regardless, I think it's an 
> appropriate setting for the Java API to use, the same as the C API.
> From the description of SO_LINGER read after reading Theo's 
> response, we should be using it in both the Java and C APIs.  
> It seems like a more correct way to solve Jaroslaw's problem, 
> as well as a generally good thing to use regardless, 
> considering the kind of guarantees we're trying to preserve.

Definitely. However, using setSoLinger() in connect() and/or 
calling shutdownInput() and shutdownOutput() on the socket 
(which presumably call shutdown() with SHUT_RD and SHUT_WR, 
respectively) before socket.close() in disconnect() didn't solve
the problem. Since it's probably not a good idea to
hardcode enabling TCP_NODELAY in connect(), I put it
in disconnect() as a workaround, just before sending final 
KILL_MESS (together with your listener.join() in 
stopListener()) - everything seems to work correctly 
now (HP-UX, Linux, WinXP).


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