[Spread-users] Sending messages to a fixed set of servers

Christian Schnell cs at rekoba.de
Fri May 7 07:38:49 EDT 2004

Yair Amir wrote:

> Christian,
> Imposing a system-wide logical clock between all of the potential
> participants will help construct a global total order. However, you will need
> at least one message from each of the participants in order to order
> messages. This can be not achievable if even one participant is down
> or not connected, in which case your system will block.

Hello Yair,

   thanks for pointing this out to me. It's clear to me now that my idea 
won't work as intended.

> There is vast research on these questions :) and in fact Spread
> was designed specifically to aid in solving this problem by providing
> a strong-semantics messaging infrastructure that provide a delicate
> semantics especially in the case of partitions. However, Spread
> does not cope with the persistency problem by itself.
> A good solution that handles partitions is fairly complex.
> See here for a starting point:
> http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/rep.html
> Hope this helps,

Sure does,

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