[Spread-users] Spread in high load environments ?

Theo Schlossnagle jesus at omniti.com
Mon May 3 09:02:02 EDT 2004

Hoefs, Stephen wrote:

>Hi Folks - Hoping someone could help...
>I was looking at using Spread for a distributed signal processing application but was put-off by a comments in the users guide. The comment suggested that Spread may not work well where node loads are above 10 (which I assume means 10% CPU). My application will be running on about 6 nodes with CPU load around 70% , and with high I/O (6MB/sec). Do you think Spread is appropriate for this application ?
A load of 10 means that there are an averge of 10 processes in the Run 
queue at all times.  Generally speaking, 10% CPU utilization (and not 
much else) will result in a load of around 0.10.  You should be fine.

Even in high load environments stable rings can be maintained by making 
the Spread daemon process on each node subject to high-priority, 
real-time scheduling constraints.

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