[Spread-users] Is there a way to get the name(s) of members in a group using spread ?

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Tue Mar 23 15:49:57 EST 2004

Regular membership messages contain a list of the members (private 
groups names, that is) of a group.  See the Spread documentation for a 
full description of the format.

If you mean, instead, to get the membership of a group through some 
function call without being part of the group and receiving membership 
messages, there currently is no such interface.  However, it wouldn't be 
completely unreasonable to implement something like that


nilay padh wrote:

> Hi All,
> Is there a way to get the name(s) of members in a group using spread ?
> I want to implement a kind of "Director/Registry Service"  using Spread. 
> So, I'll require the name(s)
> of all the members of a group.
> The idea is to have a group name for the Service and all the 
> applications would have to be a member of  that group. In that way I can 
> pass messages to those members and they can reply back with their 
> membership info/parameters and other details.  Any other elegant way ?
> -Nilay
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