[Spread-users] SP_multicast() from a non-member

Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Thu Jun 10 16:33:15 EDT 2004

Gautam H. Thaker wrote:

> Hi Folks:
> I am a new user of Spread. It looks to be very well engineered system. I 
> have one question that I could not find a quick answer to.
> 1) is it permitted that a process that has not joined a group can 
> SP_multicast() to it?
> 2) if answer is yes, are there any perf. implications of being a member 
> or not?

I can tell you that the answer to 1 is yes... or at least it is when 
using the perl bindings for Spread.

As for the answer of number 2... I just started using spread on monday, 
so I wouldn't have any idea :)

--Jonathan Steinert

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