[Spread-users] Spread rollout to lots of machines

Steven Dake scd at broked.org
Mon Feb 2 12:36:39 EST 2004


Spread supports 128 nodes max.  I suspect if you deploy all of them in
one segment, your going to have serious performance problems (ring
rotation takes alot of time).  According to the maintainers, spread has
been tested with 50-60 nodes at one time.

I don't think it is easily possible to increase the number of nodes
because of max UDP packet size and data required per possible node to be
sent in the formation token.


On Mon, 2004-02-02 at 09:05, Matt Sergeant wrote:
> I'm trying to configure spread at the moment for rollout to thousands of
> machines globally. We use RPM for our rollout.
> All machines have IPs of the form: 10.0.<rackno>.<serverno> and broadcast
> is always
> So I thought I could create a spread conf with this bit of perl:
>   foreach my $tower (1..200) {
>     print "# Tower $tower\n";
>     print "Spread_Segment {\n";
>     foreach my $server (1..128) {
>         print "\tserver-$server.tower-$tower.messagelabs.com
> 10.0.$tower.$server\n";
>     }
>     print "}\n\n";
>   }
> But spread doesn't like it because it lists more than 128 daemons.
> Is there a better way I can do this? Perhaps I'll have to use an RPM post
> installation script to pick out the machine's IP and create the spread
> segment dynamically? Or is there a simpler way?

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