[Spread-users] Spread rollout to lots of machines

Matt Sergeant matt at sergeant.org
Mon Feb 2 11:05:42 EST 2004

I'm trying to configure spread at the moment for rollout to thousands of
machines globally. We use RPM for our rollout.

All machines have IPs of the form: 10.0.<rackno>.<serverno> and broadcast
is always

So I thought I could create a spread conf with this bit of perl:

  foreach my $tower (1..200) {
    print "# Tower $tower\n";
    print "Spread_Segment {\n";
    foreach my $server (1..128) {
        print "\tserver-$server.tower-$tower.messagelabs.com
    print "}\n\n";

But spread doesn't like it because it lists more than 128 daemons.

Is there a better way I can do this? Perhaps I'll have to use an RPM post
installation script to pick out the machine's IP and create the spread
segment dynamically? Or is there a simpler way?

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