[Spread-users] commandline friendly monitor?

Ryan Caudy rcaudy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 20:54:12 EST 2004

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  I don't have anything like
this, but it wouldn't be difficult to write at all.

Look at the source of spmonitor, monitor.c.  It would be trivial to
add a command-line argument of list of arguments, e.g. a list of
daemon names, and set up a status query [as in Activate_status()] in
this way instead of from user input.  You could easily hack the
Report_message() function in order to customize the format of the
output, or do some evaluation of the GlobalStatus information.

With only slightly more work, you could create a version that acts
more as a one-shot query, most trivially by adding an exit() call at
the end of Report_message().  You could add a static variable to act
as a counter, and thus enable the exit() to take place only after the
last expected report arrives.


On Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:41:06 -0800, Clint Byrum <cbyrum at spamaps.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone. I need some sort of spread monitor that I can easily
> extract the *_retrans numbers from. I can do it with the expect command
> and spmonitor, but that seems rather overkill.
> Does such a thing exist? Would it be easy to write? The API docs don't
> seem to include the things that spmonitor provides.
> My bigger problem is just trying to identify when there are ring
> problems so problem hosts can be removed. If any of you have a different
> existing solution for that, I'd love to hear it too.
> Thanks!
> -cb
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