[Spread-users] Re: Performance Question

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Wed Dec 15 00:49:25 EST 2004

To see what kind of performance you can get with Spread
read this:


:) Yair.

Mike Perik wrote:

 > Yes, they are separated by a switch.  I've since
 > removed frln06 from the segment to eliminate it as a
 > possible problem.  I'm still seeing .7 sec difference
 > in times.  I was not expecting this at all and am a
 > little disappointed. I understand that you gain some
 > things with Spread but .7 sec seems high for just
 > multicasting on a local network.
 > The message size is small, <64 bytes.
 > Are there any optimizations I could do for this type
 > of scenario? It's basicly a single, high volume broadcaster and many clients.
 > Would having multiple broadcasters splitting up the
 > load allow quicker delivery?
 > How would multiple segments help this?  How would that
 > look in the config file?
 > I've heard that OpenAIS may handle this situation a
 > little better.  Any opinion about that?
 > Thanks,
 > Mike

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