[Spread-users] New to spread: need some advice/guidance

Konda Ankireddyapalli kondar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 16:16:45 EST 2004

Hello all,

 I am new to spread and would like to know if it can provide
facilities I am looking for.

We have two machines on the same subnet, one running Linux and the
other windows 2003 server. There are applications on both boxes that
need to communicate with other cross platform(windows to linux and
vice-versa) and also intra-machine cross application. I assume having
a daemon on each box will be sufficient to enable such kind of
The other thing we require is not all communication is message
based(disconnected). In few cases we need 'rpc' like facility where an
an application sends a message and waits for a reply. Is this
supported directly by Spread? If not is it easy to develop wrappers
over the speard infrastructure to enable such synchronous 'function'
call like behavior?

Thanks a ton in advance,

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