[Spread-users] Running spread with IP multicast.

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Mon Sep 15 18:07:10 EDT 2003


try spuser -u "name" with a different name per user and you will be
able to connect to the same daemon with multiple spuser instances.
(you can do spuser usage to get some info or better yet - read the
user guide).

You do not need a daemon in every machine - in the extreme, you could
have only one daemon in the whole network. The best results in many
networks will be achieved when you have a daemon in every machine.
That allows Spread to optimize the performance.

The "Sess_init" message is not related to the use of multicast.
Probably you already have another daemon running on that port or
another user executed a daemon before and you have no permissions
on the socket now.

If you send the list you configuration, I am sure someone would be
able to comment on that.


     :) Yair.
On Monday, September 15, 2003 2:37 PM
BLOOMBERG/ JIM WANG JIWANG at bloomberg.net wrote:

BLOOMBERG/> Hi,we are testing spread software by running the examples and have a few 
BLOOMBERG/> questions:                                                                      
BLOOMBERG/>    a. Do we need to run spread daemons on all the machines? It appears      that
BLOOMBERG/>       onlye one spuser can connect to a daemon; when the second spuser          
BLOOMBERG/>       connects to it with 4803 at machinename, it prints "SP_error: (-6) connection
BLOOMBERG/>        rejected, name not unique."                                              
BLOOMBERG/>    b. Do we need to run a daemon on every machine that needs to receive data    
BLOOMBERG/>       from a group or we can just run a couple of daemons?                      
BLOOMBERG/>    c. When try to start daemon using multicast, it always prints the following  
BLOOMBERG/>         message no matter which port is used:                                   
BLOOMBERG/>         "Sess_init: INET unable to bind to port 1500, already running"          
BLOOMBERG/>    As we are new to this product, these problems may be more an issue with the 
BLOOMBERG/> configuration. In general, we wonder if this product is suitable for our 
BLOOMBERG/> requirement to distribute files and data among a group of machines with local 
BLOOMBERG/> interfaces.   Your suggestions or inputs would be greatly appreciated.          
BLOOMBERG/>                                           Thanks.

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