[Spread-users] How to setup 2 segments in 1 daemon?

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Sun Sep 14 23:48:50 EDT 2003

Spread doesn't work this way.  A daemon can only be a member of one
segment.  What appears to have happened is that the daemon's found
themselves in the first segment, and thus didn't look for themselves in
the second, which is why the first segment works but the second does not.

A segment is meant to reflect the topology of your network, by grouping
machines that can reach one another via multicast.

What are you trying to do?  It doesn't make much sense to me to have the
same set of daemons joining two segments.  Maybe if you explain what
you're using Spread for, the list can advise you on how to configure
your network.


DaiLin(戴霖) wrote:

> I want to setup 2 segments in 1 daemon. One daemon use port 4803 and the other use 4813.
> The configuration is:
>     Spread_Segment {
>             MCMSServer
>             fvstest
>             suzic
>             dailin
>     }
>     Spread_Segment {
>             MCMSServer
>             fvstest
>             suzic
>             dailin
>     }
> Spread run successful.
> The output is:
>     Configuration at dailin is:
>     Num Segments 2
>      3      4803
>       MCMSServer      
>       fvstest         
>       dailin         
>      0      4813
> But I can not connect to 4813 at dailin! Why?
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