[Spread-users] 2 easy questions

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Tue Oct 21 12:15:28 EDT 2003

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 04:48:43PM +0100, David Carroll wrote:
> Hi,
> These should be a doddle, the fact that I am asking them really isn't good,
> however.
> 1) How do you start Spread, as a deamon. Either at start-up or from the
> command line, preferably leaving the command line free to carry on working
> i.e. without opening another terminal?

You just start it in the background using the shell. For example.

./spread &

(if your spread.conf is in the default locations like /etc/spread.conf or 
the local directory)

You can tell it to print all the log information to a file instead of the 
console in the spread.conf file.

> 2) How do you monitor the status of spread - to see if it is communicating
> with other computers on the network correctly? I got as far as spmonitor but
> the 9 options don't make much sense to me (what is the Proc?).

spmonitor is the right tool. There is documentation for it in the Spread 
Users Guide which is available on the spread.org documentation page. 

Basically for what you want, choose option '0' for status info, and then 
enter the processes you want to monitor when prompted. You can enter "all" 
to select all of them in one shot, or 'none' to turn them all off. the 
"procs" is the individual process names, which are the names you 
configured in spread.conf.

The information you are probably most interested in will be the sent and 
received packet counts, the retrans fields can let you know if you are 
having lots of packet loss, the Sessions are how many clients are 
connected to each daemon, and the groups is how many groups are active (at 
least one member) in the system. 


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