[Spread-users] Initial implementation of XMLRPC over Spread

g.p.ciceri gp.ciceri at acm.org
Fri Oct 10 04:04:50 EDT 2003

Hello all,
I've just setup a little python implementation
(a simple server class and a client test program)
of XMLRPC calls over a Spread (http://www.spread.org)
communication group.

It's rather crude; from a private msgbox you send a SAFE
message (coded in XMLRPC syntax) to a well-known group
acting as (server) endpoint.

 From a server listening to this endpoint you send another
SAFE message back to the client with the XMLRPC response.

As method to reduce group communication noise
there's a filter on the messagetype: I've used type 006
to tag message for rpc processing.

Error handling is non-existant, so is documentation.

You'll find it at http://pyhacks.suddenthinks.com/index.html#20031010

Any comment will be appreciated, as usual.

   Gian Paolo Ciceri        Via G.Marconi 5 - 22036 ERBA CO ITALY
                            mobile :   ++39 340 7218101
                            eMail  :   gp.ciceri at acm.org
                                   :   gp.ciceri at suddenthinks.com
                            webSite:   http://www.suddenthinks.com
                            ICQ #  :   94620118
                            jabber :   gp.ciceri at jabber.com

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