[Spread-users] Redundant ethernet spread configuration

Herbert Rubens herb at jhu.edu
Wed Oct 8 16:24:30 EDT 2003

If you are running Linux you might want to try channel bonding using the
trivial link equalizer. Then you can bond the two interfaces in each
machine into one interface (teql0) and run spread on that interface. I'm
reasonably confident that if one of the real interfaces goes down, that
the equalizer will send all of the traffic on the interface which is up.
You'd have to experiment with this, but it's one option.

Hope this helps.


On Wed, 2003-10-08 at 16:03, Andy Stone wrote:
> In reading the docs, I didn't see anything that mentions running spread 
> on redundant ethernets.  In other words, all machines have 2 cards, and 
> are on the same 2 LANs.  The idea would be for spread to distribute the 
> load between the 2 LANs unless 1 fails.  Upon failure, it uses the 
> working LAN.  Can you configure spread to behave like this?
> Thanks,
> Andy
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