[Spread-users] Re: Re: Spread protocol architecture limitation?

김혁래 hr2057.kim at samsung.com
Thu Nov 20 03:30:33 EST 2003

Hi Mr.jschultz.
Thank you for your quick and kind reply. Thanks.

I have one more question for my last question.
I'm sorry for that, but I totally think you can help me.

Now my job is to compare each middleware's performance.
There are Spread and NDDS(RTI's middlware).
I said before, as spread user guide, '30' daemons will not fit(?) 
for low latency local network. But you said it will be stable 
up to about 100 daemons. Thanks.

And here is my question,
can you compare the performance with regard to NDDS?
When the node numbers are increasing, what will happen about 
the latency/throughput value?

I know that Spread and NDDS has similar architecture except 
spread use virtual token ring.
Does token ring decrease performance when it's node numbers 
are increasing?

Help me please.

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