[Spread-users] Trouble compiling spread version 3.17.1 in VS.NET 2003

David Lifson dml48 at cornell.edu
Wed Nov 19 09:57:02 EST 2003


The reason I am interested in obtaining the IP addresses is that I am 
attempting to implement my own messaging protocol (namely, pbcast aka 
Bimodal Multicast).  I would like to use Spread to tell me who to send 
the messages to, but how I send the messages will be determined by my 
protocol. Therefore, having the name of the user isnt helpful unless (as 
I said before) the name of the user IS their IP address.

Here is specifically what I am trying to do. The pbcast protocol 
requires me (at some point in the protocol) to unreliably send a given 
message m to every group member with probability p, where p is the 
probability a member is chosen to receive the message. Another part of 
the protocol requires me to randomly choose one member of the group to 
gossip with. Do you know of anyway to do exactly these things?



>Why can't you simply use the private group names of the group members as identifiers to select which subset?  You receive the list of group members in your group as a determinstically ordered list of their private group names in each regular membership message.
>The one concern is that sending once to each member you've chosen at random is much less efficient in terms of messages than sending to the subset as a whole (if the subsets have size greater than 1, and if you have more than 1 daemon).  So, you may need to do something interesting where you have a naming scheme for subsets, and represent each with a group such that each member joins the groups representing each possible subset it is in.
>Hope this helps,
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>From: Dave Lifson <dml48 at cornell.edu>
>Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 10:38 pm
>Subject: [Spread-users] Trouble compiling spread version 3.17.1 in VS.NET 2003
>>I am a Cornell student looking to use Spread for group membership 
>>Java. I would like be able to get the IP addresses of the group 
>>for the purpose of sending a message to a randomly selected subset 
>>the group. Is this possible?
>>I had thought to have the group members join using their IP 
>>address as 
>>their name and parsing out the name that way, however 
>>is too small. Changing the MAX_PRIVATE_NAME value required 
>>the code. I have had no luck trying to compile the C code using 
>>included .dsw file found in the win32 directory. When opening the 
>>file in VS.NET 2003, I am prompted to convert the .dsw to a .sln 
>>(which is done automatically). Recompiling the .sln file creates 
>>errors with sock_strerror. After looking in the archives, my 
>>partner and I found a suggestion to add 'extern char * 
>>errno)' to arch.h but this did not have any effect.
>>Any help would be appreciated.
>>David Lifson
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