[Spread-users] Building Spread for Windows using gcc?

Cole Frank Contr AFRL/IFGC Frank.Cole at rl.af.mil
Fri May 2 13:35:07 EDT 2003

Mingw >should< work pretty much right out of the box with the gnu makefiles.
There are some ifdefs in there for Win32 but 
they should be ignored by Mingw because of the Makefiles.  You may still
have to run configure on a linux/unix box to get an idea of what the
Makefile should say and then adjust the paths etc.

I am of course assuming that since you at least know about Ming, you know
how to set the other stuff up.?.?.

Frank Cole

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> Subject: [Spread-users] Building Spread for Windows using gcc?
> I'd like to make a Spread daemon and library under Windows for use 
> with another project that is already using gcc.
> I realize that there are the Visual Studio files in the win32/ 
> directory but I can't change compilers here.
> Has someone got a makefile for doing this (perhaps with Mingw?)
> I assume that there aren't any Microsoft-compiler specific things in 
> the source code, right?
> Thanks,
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