[Spread-users] Spread for large message sizes

Jacob Green jgreen at d-fusion.net
Mon Mar 3 10:41:34 EST 2003

There is a Java wrapper to Spread that handles disassembly and
re-assembly while maintaining semantics for most applications.  Refer to
the links below for full discussion on which environments it make sense
to use it and in which it doesn't.

Refer to the discussion here

Refer to the code here

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>>I'm evaluating spread for use in a distributed simulation/GUI project.
>>Spread has pretty much all the characteristics that I'm looking for,
>>that the maximum message size seems to be limited to about 128k. Some
>>messages that I want to send range up to 2Mb. I don't really want to
>>message assmembly layer on top of a message assembly layer on top of a
>>message assembly layer on top of ... So:
>>Is the message size a hard limit?
>>Can I change it by settings in spread.conf or somewhere?
>>Is it tied to some fundamental design limit, or could I recompile
>>with different settings? (And if so, how?).
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