[Spread-users] questions from a new user

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Fri Jan 17 14:20:10 EST 2003


You don't need to run one spread daemon for each client, or even one 
spread for each machine upon which you are running clients.  For some 
applications of spread it is encouraged to run daemons on each client 
machine, but this is not a requirement, and does not fit all 
applications.  If you tell the list more about how you plan to use 
spread, we can try to suggest the most efficient way to use it.

Running spflooder with the option "-s 4803 at spreadmachine" should work, 
if the name spreadmachine can be resolved by gethostbyname() on the 
client machine, and the daemon running on spreadmachine is running on 
port 4803.  If you send your spread.conf file to the list, this may help 
us see the problem.

Good luck,
Ryan Caudy

Frank Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Just starting to get familiar with Spread and having some general questions,
> it is highly appreciated if you would please provide me even partial answers
> to your best knowledge:
> For each client, do I need to have one spread.exe running at the local? I
> have used some other middlewares, which mostly have a central server-like
> program to handle messages. The clients can communicate with each other
> through this server, but they are not necessarily in the same machines. It
> apprears in the documentation that I have to have spread running at the
> local for each client and I also failed to run spread in one machine and
> spflooder -s 4803 at spreadmahcine while spread is in another machine. Did I
> config the local setting wrong or spread has to be running in each machine?
> Further questios to come based on the answer to this question.
> Thanks a lot
> Frank
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