[Spread-users] Problem running spread

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at cnds.jhu.edu
Thu Jan 9 15:28:54 EST 2003

When you run Spread as root it automatically tries to drop privledges and
run as the user "spread" in group "spread" and chroots itself into the
directory "/var/run/spread" by default. If those directories do not exist
or the users do not exist it will fail. 

The last two lines are suggesting you look at the "spread_params.h" file
which defines these default locations. You can now also change them at
runtime in the spread.conf file. The parameters are documented in the
sample.spread.conf file that is distributed with Spread.

Usually there is no need to run Spread as root as it does not require any
special permissions. Some people do run it as root because of boot script
issues or policies on where logs and such go. 


On Thu, Jan 09, 2003 at 12:23:49AM -0500, Krithiga Thangavelu wrote:
> Hi,
>  I'm trying to run spread daemon under root. Initially I ran once under 
> root and as far as I know, I've killed the daemon. I'm getting the 
> following error in my log file and my newly started daemon exits 
> unsucessfully. Any idea what the last two lines mean?
> ************From the log file*************
> [Thu 09 Jan 2003 00:14:22] ENABLING Dangerous Monitor Commands! Make 
> sure Spread network is secured
> [Thu 09 Jan 2003 00:14:22] Memb_token_loss: I lost my token, state is 1
> [Thu 09 Jan 2003 00:14:22] Spread: FAILED -- chroot or privledge drop -- 
> check spread_params.h for directory and user/group names
> [Thu 09 Jan 2003 00:14:22] Spread: FAILED to give up privileges or chroot
> Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)
> *********** End of the log file****************
> Thanks
> Krithiga
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