[Spread-users] updating a spread configuration

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at ZOPE.COM
Thu Jan 9 11:36:30 EST 2003

We have a spread cluster in configuration that we need to upgrade.  We
want to add several new machines to the cluster.  Is it possible to do
this without interrupting the currently running daemons?  

The current configuration file doesn't say anything about the new
machines.  So at some point we'll need to change the configuration for
the running daemons and restart them.  Do we need to do this before
starting up the new daemons or can we do it afterwards?

I recall that spread prints a warning message when it receives a
message from a daemon that isn't in its configuration.  (I've run into
this situation when a couple developers in our office were running
daemons for testing.)  Does this warning indiciate a more serious


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