[Spread-users] spread performance looks not very good for me

wei_hu at agilent.com wei_hu at agilent.com
Tue Dec 9 18:26:15 EST 2003

Can anyone answer performance difference between one daemon and two daemons in one subnet?

1.Two machines, both have the same spread config as following:
Spread_Segment {

on "redhook", run
>>./spflooder -s 5003 at redhook  -u testuser -m 10000

2.1 When I only run spread daemon on "redhook", the performance I got is 79.551417 Mbps
2.2 When I run spread daemon on both "redhook" and "mendecino", the number sharply dropped to 7.746307 Mbps.

The answer for this question may help figure out my previous performance question.

On the spread terminal, i always saw "Num of groups: 0".  It is normal?


Wei Hu

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On Dec 9, 2003, at 10:38 AM, <wei_hu at agilent.com> wrote:
> 5.
> run redhook as sender only, and mendecino as receiver only
> mendecino>>./spflooder -m 5000 -s 4803 at mendecino -wo
> output shows sending rate is about 8Mbps.

Anytime I see 8Mbps in a benchmark, I instantly suspect network 
misconfiguration forcing you down to 10fdx or 10hdx.  Do you have any 
interface errors?

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