[Spread-users] Can Spread run as a Windows Service?

Matt Sergeant matt at sergeant.org
Sat Dec 6 14:12:04 EST 2003

On 5 Dec 2003, at 22:17, Jonathan Stanton wrote:

> Currently Spread is not coded to run as a Windows Service. Doing this 
> has
> been discussed in the past (I think on this list) and someone may have
> done it for themselves.
> I know we looked at what was required a while ago, and with the caveat
> that I'm not a windows developer either, it didn't look too hard. :-)

There's something that used to come in the Windows Resource kit called 
srvany.exe which allows you to run anything as a service. I don't know 
if it still comes with the resource kit, it's been a long time since I 
had to use Windows for anything serious.

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