[Spread-users] spread performance looks not very good for me

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Fri Dec 5 20:33:22 EST 2003

What does your network look like?  What is your Spread configuration? 
What version of Spread are you using?  By Spfloor, do you mean spflooder?


wei_hu at agilent.com wrote:

> Spread performance question:
> I am doing some investigation on spread to decide if it could be used as middleware in our project.  I studied spread for two days and did some benchmark.  I do have some questions.  Appreciate any comment on them.
> To do the benchmark, I used one Solaris machine as Sender and other one/two machines as Receivers.  All machines are in one subnet. Spfloor in spread package was used as benchmark program.  There is average message rate I got.  Message size was 1K.
> 1 sender + 1 receiver: 19.07 Mbps
> 1 sender + 2 receiver: 13.46 Mbps
> The sender and one of the receivers is 500Mhz CPU, 1G memory, Solaris OS.  Another receiver is 500Mhz CPU, 512M memory, Solaris OS.
> My question is:
> 1.	The message transmitting rate is far below what is claimed in "Spread Overview" (8K 1Kbytes per second).  Any possible reason for that?
> 2.	Why plugging in more receivers decreased the message transmitting rate?
> 3.	Spread daemon burned up to 70% CPU time?
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