[Spread-users] Aboug BADCLOCK

Ryan Caudy caudy at jhu.edu
Thu Aug 14 03:33:34 EDT 2003

I'm not certain of this, but from a quick examination of the code that
runs if BADCLOCK is defined, and the code that runs otherwise, it
appears that defining this allows Spread to operate without a usable
system clock, to some degree.  Unless you worry that you have problems
with the local clock on one of your machines, I don't think you should
define BADCLOCK.  It appears to use a notion of time that is based on
the number of event handling loops, and is thus a little bit fuzzier
than a normal system clock time.


배병구 wrote:

> Hellow!
> I have a question about BADCLOCK that is defined at "arch.h".
> BADCLOCK is used at "events.c".
> I want to know that a purpose of BADCLOCK.
> If i change from "#define BADCLOCK" to "Not define BADCLOCK", is there a problem at spread system?
> I'll wait answer!
> thank.
> mail : byungku.bae at samsung.com
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