[Spread-users] 100K limit FAQ

Ed Holyat eholyat at OLF.COM
Thu Apr 3 10:24:01 EST 2003

Hello,  I am investigating the possibility of using spread for
communications within my company's products.

My question is in relation to a FAQ posted on the spread web site
	How big a message can I send to Spread?
	Spread currently supports application messages upto around
100Kbytes. Currently the exact size is not exported as part of the API.

I would like to reconfirm that spread only supports messaging of 100K or
less bytes?
If so, can this limit be easily reconfigured with little change to the code?
e.g. some define in the code,  #define MAX_BYTES 100000
If not, does spread allow for disassembly and reassemble of messages through
the spread api, so, that I do not have to implement my own code to do this?

Thank You, Ed Holyat

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