[Spread-users] Newbie spread questions

Olufemi Anthony femi.anthony at cnet.com
Fri Oct 4 15:26:49 EDT 2002

Hi all, I'm new to spread. I have the following questions:

i. From a reliability point of view,  is it preferable to run spread in duplex mode or load-balanced mode, with say

2 collector servers?
3 collector servers?

In duplex mode, we mirror the logs. say we have hourly logging. Hence if one machine goes down, the log harvesting program has to make a decision as to which files to harvest for that hour.

However, in failover mode, we do not have the benefit of backup logging if the machine in rotation  goes down and spread isn't smart enough to make the switch to the other one.

What has been your experience with either of the 2 modes?

ii.  What sort of reliability does one get with spread? Are there any numbers you can point me to? Which high-traffic websites are running spread today? 
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