[Spread-users] Build problems and usage questions

David LeBlanc whisper at oz.net
Mon May 20 19:14:28 EDT 2002

I just got 3.16.2 source and built it on Windows 2000 and had the following

sock_sterror(...) throws an "undefined" at link time. After looking around,
I found the windows version of this function in arch.c and added that to the
list of files for the targets failing due to it's being undefined (r.exe,
s.exe, libsp.lib tsplib.lib - to get spflooder.exe, spread.exe and
sptuser.exe to link). This only worked after I also added an extern
declaration of sock_strerror(...) within the arch-pc-win95 #ifdef in arch.h.
The function otherwise doesn't seem to get found in time to resolve at

As to usage...

I have a static IP and i'd like to know if/how a dhcp addressed (dynamic IP)
machine or machines coming over the internet can access the spread daemon
running on my machine. In particular, what, if any, settings would need to
be made in the access-ip and spread.conf files? Is it possible to
dynamically (i.e. as they connect) create the list of ip's that messages are
sent to/received from?


David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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