[Spread-users] chunking messages?

Quentin Neill qneill at racemi.com
Mon May 20 15:47:51 EDT 2002

Apologies if this is a FAQ or is a newbie question...

I've just discovered Spread, and am considering using it as a way to
achieve reliable, batch oriented DB synchronization over a standard
mechanism (smtp, http, or ftp).   I don't necessarily need scalable
group services or multicast, but ordered messages and reliable delivery
would help.

I saw this in the FAQ:

> How big a message can I send to Spread?
>    Spread currently supports application messages up to
>    around 100Kbytes. Currently the exact size is not exported
>    as part of the API.

and was wondering if Spread has a mechanism for "chunking" messages
down to 100K, or would I have to do that myself?   The system will
probably have message lenths the order of 1M.

Thanks in advance

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