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koorosh.alahiari at ids.allianz.com koorosh.alahiari at ids.allianz.com
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I have a client that generates the messages and I run spuser as another
that joins the group my program sends the messages to.
spuser printsout all the messages (up to 1225) BUT my program
does not try the to receive the messages that it is
sending itself.
Looks like things are happening too fast
for spread to handle correctly!

Regards - Koorosh

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> I recently started using spread. As my first test I tried to send a
> 100,000 messages in a tight loop to a group. spread server
> consistently closes my connection after 1225 messages.  Anyone know
> a reason for this?

There are two potential issues.

If a receiver isn't reading fast enough, it will be disconnected when
the server finds it has over 1000 messages queued for that particular
connection.  This is a feature.

If a sender sends too much data too fast, a bug in Spread 3.16.1 may
cause the daemon to mistake this condition for a protocol error and
disconnect the sender.  This is fixed in 3.16.2 (which I think is in
CVS but not officially released?).

Search the Jan/Feb list archives for clues.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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