[Spread-users] Reliable message delivery

Yair Amir yairamir at cnds.jhu.edu
Sun Jul 14 17:22:04 EDT 2002

Good question.

With the open source version of Spread there is very little difference
between reliable delivery and agreed delivery assuming local area
networks are mostly used. So we didn't think it is worth it to make
the check. Do you have a specific application that observes a
noticeable difference?


           :) Yair.
Sam>  Hello, 
Sam>  I am trying to add a special broadcast primitive to
Sam>  spread, I noticed that for reliable single-packets 
Sam>  message, it's deliverd immediately to the 
Sam>  application. For reliable multi-packets message, 
Sam>  the system deliver it with the same algorithm of the 
Sam>  agreed message(when My_aru is satisfied). I am just 
Sam>  wondering why reliable packets is not deliver when
Sam>  it's received, it should not be very difficult to
Sam>  check whether all the packets of the reliable message
Sam>  have been received. Thank you.

Sam>  Yisheng
Sam>  McGill University, Canada

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