[Spread-users] 1 problem with Spread.pm and 1 problem with spread daemon, was

Tom Mornini tmornini at infomania.com
Thu Jan 17 23:43:44 EST 2002

On Thursday, January 17, 2002, at 07:19 PM, George Schlossnagle wrote:

>> 1) Spread.pm Perl module returns a Perl undef from multicast() in some 
>> circumstances. I've seen it when I call multicast() repeatedly without 
>> calling receive() in circumstances when there are incoming errors 
>> messages. It *might* be related to issue #2 below, however.
> probably is.

Turns out, it's not.

Here's a super simple test case:

create a process that just sends continually, and kill off the spread 
server. The multicast() subroutine returns Perl undef.

-- Tom Mornini
-- eWingz Systems, Inc.

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